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Richard Phillips, Career Counselor and Coach
If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.
- St. Clement of Alexandra

Career Exploration Session

How much struggle could you avoid by

investing in two hours of expert career advice?

What is a Career Exploration Session?
A Career Exploration Session is a two-hour block of time dedicated to helping you identify and begin solving your career challenges. It is an investment in your career success and satisfaction.

Why two hours?
I've found that the ideal length of time to achieve both an understanding of your issues and be able to give useful feedback is two hours. A shorter session doesn't allow enough depth - a longer one becomes information "overload."

As an expert in careers, I know that the first step toward positive change is an accurate understanding of what the issues really are. Otherwise, the solution is likely to be no better than random shots in the dark. You don't need my help for that! What you do need is someone who will listen carefully to what you want, why you don't have it, and what steps you've already taken. Someone who can pinpoint why your efforts have not resulted in what you'd hoped for. And who can give you specific feedback on what to do to get back on track.

What actually happens in the Career Exploration Session?
Before scheduling the Career Exploration Session, you and I will already have had a preliminary talk on the telephone about your career needs. This conversation will be the basis for setting the objectives of the Career Exploration Session. However, almost always we will discuss the following:
  • Your current career situation.
  • Why you want to change
  • What you have already tried and what the results were.
  • What steps I think you need to take to get the results you want.

If we are meeting primarily to work on a specific job search, the session might also include a review of your resume and an evaluation of your overall job search strategy.

What should I do to get ready?
Usually I will have asked you to do some simple "homework" assignments at the time we scheduled the session. Just doing these assignments often leads to greater insight, so they are well worth the effort. Mostly, however, your preparation consists of wanting to take action toward a successful, satisfying job and career.

What happens after the session?
Sometimes two hours is all that is needed to point someone in the direction of a better career. Often, however, it makes sense for you to continue investing in expert advice, rather than struggling on your own.

At the end of our first meeting, I'll give you my feedback on your challenges and my recommendation for the steps you need to take to achieve your career goals. I'll also tell you how I think my continued involvement can get you to your goal more effectively and efficiently.

Of course, you have no obligation to continue to use my services and I won't pressure you in any way.

How do I schedule a Career Exploration Session?
Simply call me at (650) 329-9412 and tell me you'd like to schedule a Career Exploration Session. If we've not talked before, we'll spend some time making sure a two hour session is really what you need. If it is, we'll schedule a time to meet either by telephone or in my office. If I'm not available, I'll call you back, usually by the next business day.