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Richard Phillips, Career Counselor and Coach

Job Search Services

If you've been at your job search for a while and are making little or no progress, I can help you analyze what needs to change to get you on track.  If you're just beginning a job search, I can save you time and frustration by helping ensure that you are following a targeted, step-by-step process.  Perhaps the number one mistake that job searchers make is going it alone.  By working with a job search expert, you dramatically shorten your learning curve, avoid costly time-consuming deadends and perhaps most importantly, get the encouragement you need to keep going until you achieve your goal.

My services include help with:
  • Designing a "strategic plan" that focuses your energies on the critical tasks needed to find a job in these extremely challenging economic conditions.

  • Creating a resume that effectively highlights your career achievements and qualifications.

  • Identifying the job lead sources that are best for your search strategy.

  • Developing your network and using it appropriately to aid your search.

  • Interview preparation to ensure you are ready to confidently discuss the value you bring to a job.

  • Salary coaching to ensure that you are able to negotiate for the compensation you deserve.

  • "On call" support to handle questions and issues that arise as you move through the search process.
I offer a free 30 minute telephone session to help you get started toward solving your career challenges - such as getting what you really want. The session is an opportunity for you to talk with a professional counselor and coach about what you want from your career or job and to get some initial feedback on what some solutions might be. It is also gives you the chance to experience my counseling style to see if I'm someone you'd like to have help you.

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